A gourmet menu inspired by the world’s most discerning palates that anyone can enjoy

Food is fuel for the body, and a cure for hunger, which is the primary purpose for eating. Food also serves as a symbolic connection to one’s social network and cultural heritage. The ability to share and discuss food within our social networks provides a sense of belonging and acceptance. Being unable to share and discuss food in the same context as our social groups often results in exclusion, and the need to seek out others who share similar exclusionary experiences with food.

Those who have experienced exclusion around food tend to share similar experiences of being shamed for their “childlike” and “unhealthy” food choices. One of the cruelest things one human being can do another is exclude someone from their peers by refusing to presume competence. Eating that is motivated by shame does not make food healthier. 

Food that serves the body as fuel is indeed, healthy, and there is no shame in providing for one’s own caloric needs. In order to make future strides with dietary variety, it is important to feel secure in being able to find enough to eat now, and feel good about the food you currently enjoy eating. Raise a glass of your favourite beverage to celebrate the end of “unhealthy, childlike” preferences for food, and embrace these gourmet culinary delights, inspired by the world’s most discerning food critics, that anyone can feel good about eating.

Pommes de terre (French) and aardappel (Dutch) tranlates as “apples of the earth/nature.” It really doesn’t get much more organic that this.

Cheese that isn’t processed is called “cow.” 

Tempura is popular deep-fried Japanese culinary fare. Oddly, we never hear anyone complaining about that unhealthy Japanese food. 

Don’t be fooled by the inexpensive, microwave-safe packaging. 

Italian just makes everything sound delicious. 

It’s basically paté on a really thick cracker. Condiments are always optional.

~ * ~

Not everyone is blessed with a discerning palate that can identify the exact blend of spices that makes one coating of tempura distinguishable from another. As boring as “salad” and “baked chicken” may sound, some people do actually enjoy eating really boring sounding food, but hey, that’s their business. It’s nothing anyone should feel ashamed about.

Bon appétit!