Extreme Picky Eating Help
Our go-to resource for parents struggling with extreme picky eating is the blog and facebook page called Mealtime Hostage.

Yummy Mummy Club
Dietitian-Approved Kids Nutrition & Picky Eating Resources

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Consultation Services 

Finding the right professional to support your specific eating concerns is important. The wrong approach can be worse than no help at all. I am often able to connect parents and individuals with feeding and eating professionals who have a unique understanding of selective eating, and who are able to help their clients develop a better relationship with food. A supportive approach to feeding at home is critical to developing healthy eating attitudes that benefit not just the individual struggling with eating, but the entire family as a whole.

Healthy Relationships With Food at School 

Schools play an important role in shaping children’s attitudes toward food and eating. If you are a school administrator interested in promoting healthy relationships with parents, teachers, and students around your school’s healthy eating policies and curriculum, let’s talk.

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  1. Hi I have a 4 year old and his diet is very limited and his father is also the same. I would have thought that my husbands eating habits were to blame but my son had real difficultly eating from I first began to spoon feed him. He would gag whenever he was offered anything at all to eat. He is willing to put certain fruits and vegetables into his mouth but he can not or will not swallow them. Any advice would be helpful.

    • Eating, good or bad, is nobody’s fault. To give you any sort of valid perspective, an understanding of the environment is needed. From there, I can offer some direction, which may also involve professional support – for your son, your husband, or your entire family. If you are interested in an assessment, please fill out the contact form above. 🙂

  2. I am 56 years old. Yesterday I ate a Clementine Orange. It is the first citrus fruit I’ve ever eaten. I had another one today! I think you know what a huge deal this is! Thank you.

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