Basic Nutrition for Social Media

My Child Won’t Eat Vegetables
Congratulations! Your child is in the majority. Seven out of 10 children aged 4 to 8 do not meet the five-serving minimum of fruits and vegetables recommended by Canada’s Food Guide. Stats Canada states only about 40% of Canadians over the age of 12 eat the amount they should, and it’s been this way for at least a decade.

Fearing Fat and Why You Shouldn’t
Fat is at the forefront of current marketing efforts to make food more attractive to the consumer. Labels that read “Low-fat,” “non-fat,” “now with 25% less fat” are intended to convince you that eating less fat is the path to good health.

The Illusion of Knowledge
Have you ever met someone, perhaps in the grocery store, and realized their face is familiar but you can’t place how you know them? For most people, that’s a mental puzzle that begs to be solved. This person seems to know you, but how? Seeing familiar people (your kid’s teacher, your dentist, your usual bus driver) out of context can be mildly disturbing to most people. Do you politely admit to this person you have no clue who they are or do you fumble along hoping they offer clues to their identity?

Mealtime Musings: Needs Matter
Anxiety is a typical response to any situation perceived as uncontrollable or unavoidable. Taking a test, giving a presentation, or any situation (including eating) where the outcome is unknown will create a sense of nervousness and apprehension.


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