Hostage Dad on Being a Dad

I never forget, and am forever grateful that Hostage Dad is here in the feeding trenches with me. He’s often the calm in my storm and a pretty awesome father. This is his first official blog post.  

As I have a moment to reflect on what being a dad means to me, my mind is flooded with memories. It’s the good and the bad moments, both of which are cherished. It means being the Hero, and being the Bad Guy. Saying Yes as much as No (but always with a reason). It means encouraging, and being patient, as much as being cautious and paranoid.

Memories of singing Frère Jacques for 20 minutes straight for each baby every night to help them fall asleep, (once so sleep deprived in my skivvies on the front porch at 4:00am and too tired to care.) My son taking his first steps into my arms on his first birthday. Watching the Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Channel in the wee hours with the kids because, well… teething SUCKS.

Discovering a hose on a hot day, flying kites, fireworks, eating lunch at the end of a runway. Saying “Hi” to Tinkerbell while my daughter fought back tears of joy. It’s that first day of school, when your heart pains just a little bit, but it’s a bittersweet pain.

Introducing the kids to a horse, a tent, s’mores, and a sky filled with too many stars to count. From tricycles, to training wheels to graduating to two wheels, learning to start from a stop unassisted, and the ever more important lesson of “Brakes!”

Finding out they like the same stories I did when I was a kid. Seeing the excitement in their eyes as I presented old friends like Luke, Han, Leia, Yoda, Chewie, Vader, and the rest of the gang. Smiling ear to ear as I say good night and hearing in the darkness “May the force be with you, Daddy!”

For all the good days and the bad, loving unconditionally. Wishing them success, while teaching them to lose with grace. Teaching compassion, and to live with honour. And to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Learning to trust your heart, and to not care what others think.

Being a Dad also means sacrifice. Unlike when you are young and single, this sacrifice is easy to make, and one that can be done with a smile. The best wish I have for my children is not for material things, or a high paying career, but that of a life perpetually filled with love and happiness.

This parenting journey is long and I’ve only just begun, but what a fabulous adventure. I’ve skied down mountains, flown airplanes, scuba dived with sharks, gone sky-diving and yet of all of these, being a Dad continues to be the best adventure of all!

Happy Father’s Day.


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  1. Hostage dad, you are a gifted writer. I would absolutely love to read something you’ve written about your journey with picky eating children as well. In my practice as a feeding therapist, I often feel like I don’t reach the dads because the feeding tends to fall on the mom. Having said that, I KNOW that the dad’s perspective needs to be heard. Well done. Hoping to read more from you.

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