4 responses to “wright stuff picky eating comments

  1. I have not one but two children that this describes:( one is worse than the other, but really follows suit to everything I am reading. My children have been diagnosed with autism, the oldest never steps out of his box to try new things, has to have sauces and food can never touch he is now almost 6. The second is 3 and a half was much like the first at the beginning, but on dec 4th last year he refused any food which landed him in the hospital at 19 lbs for 4 months. Ng tube for 3 months but after many bouts of aspersions now has g tube:( He continues to only take water by mouth or afew sunflower seeds. Dr. State he is using this to controll us as his parents split up and he is not happy. I call bull on the dr. Any information would be greatly appreciated. This is the first time I have found anything that may be helpful. Thank you for sharing♄

  2. my 10 year old daughter is the fussiest eater and now that i reed the stuff bout SED im almost positive thats what she has im so glad that theres a name for it and im relieved i might find a solution as ive been going out of my mind for the last 9 years

    • Christine,

      Have a look through the Resources page – there are online support groups and links to find professionals as well as some helpful reading. You are not alone in your feeding struggles with your daughter.

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